Aprx Digipeater Software

Aprx is a software package designed to run on any POSIX platform (Linux/BSD/Unix/etc.) and act as an APRS Digipeater and/or Internet Gateway. Aprx is able to support most APRS infrastructure deployments, including single stand-alone digipeaters, receive-only Internet gateways, full RF-gateways for bi-directional routing of traffic, and multi-port digipeaters operating on multiple channels or with multiple directional transceivers.

Aprx was originally written by Matti Aarnio, who has not been able to continue being actively involved in its development and support. This site is the source of any future work built upon Matti's by Kenneth Finnegan.


APRX Manual
Release Tarballs
Development Branch on GitHub
Pre-built .debs for some Debian-based systems


The minimum configuration for a receive-only Internet gateway is as follows in /etc/aprx.conf:

mycall	EXAMPL-1
	passcode	12345
	server	rotate.aprs.net	14580
	serial-device	/dev/ttyS0	9600 8n1 KISS

To configure aprx as a stand-alone RF digipeater, add a digipeater block with the RF interface as the transmitter and the source.

mycall	EXAMPL-2
	serial-device	/dev/ttyS0	9600 8n1 KISS
	tx-ok	true
	transmitter	$mycall
		source	$mycall

To configure a site as both an RF digipeater and an Internet gateway, add the APRSIS block from EXAMPL-1 to the beginning of the EXAMPL-2 config. See the aprx manual for instructions on how to create more sophisticated configurations.


For additional support, join the aprx-software Google Group.